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Mercury removal from natural gas

Mercury removal from natural gas

Mercury removal from natural gas


Natural gas at home and abroad contains a certain amount of mercury and mainly exists as elemental mercury. Mercury will corrode equipment, pipelines, instruments and cause poisoning of precious metal catalysts and endanger the health of operators. It needs to be removed efficiently. DKT company has specially developed two kinds of products of non-renewable type (metal sulfide mercury remover) and renewable type and supporting mercury removal process. Non-renewable mercury remover products have been successfully applied in PetroChina Tarim Oilfield, Xinjiang Oilfield and Jilin Oilfield. Renewable mercury removal products have been successfully applied in PetroChina Tarim Oilfield.



Technical features and advantages

 -The mercury removal process is simple and the mercury removal depth is high

 -Compared with the commercially available sulfur-loaded activated carbon mercury remover, the metal sulfide mercury remover does not have the problem of sulfur dissolution

 -The metal sulfide mercury removal agent uses special alumina as the carrier, and supports highly uniformly dispersed metal sulfide active components. It has high mercury absorption capacity, high mercury absorption rate, and can better adapt to the gas source containing free liquid.

 -Metal sulfide mercury remover can effectively avoid the problem of capillary condensation of heavy hydrocarbons

 -Metal sulfide mercury removal agent can be used for dry and wet natural gas mercury removal

 -Renewable mercury remover has the characteristics of fast mercury absorption rate, high dynamic mercury capacity and great regeneration performance.

Application field

 -Deep removal of mercury in natural gas, oilfield associated gas, shale gas, etc.

 -Deep removal of mercury from other mercury-containing gases

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