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Methane Concentration from Coal Mine Gas to Produce CNG/LNG

Methane Concentration from Coal Mine Gas to Produce CNG/LNG

Methane Concentration from Coal Mine Gas to Produce CNG/LNG


In order to maximize the utilization of gas resources and solve the problems of high oxygen and nitrogen content and safety in low-concentration gas, DKT has successfully developed a safe and effective process to separate methane from concentrated gas through years of technical research. Several invention patents have been authorized by China National Intellectual Property Administration, and the technology has reached the international leading level. To date, this technology has been successfully applied in Yangquan Coal Industry, Jinmei Group, Shaanxi Yuxiang, etc., and achieved remarkable economic, social and ecological benefits.


Technical features and advantages:

- Advanced and proved technology, simple process and high safety;

- The special adsorbents for methane and deoxidation have high adsorption capacity and separation coefficient, and have explosion suppression and flameproof functions, which fully ensure the safety of methane concentration process;

- The product methane has high purity and high recovery;

- Operating at ambient temperature with low energy consumption;

- The plant is highly integrated and automated;

- The cost of methane concentration is low and the economic benefit is high.



- Coal mine gas and shale gas;

- Purification of methane from other methane-containing gas mixtures such as BOG gas and biomass gas.

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