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It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research, design and engineering construction in one, specializing in R & D and spreading applications of new technologies
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Sichuan DKT Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

( A subsidiary of Hydrexia (China))


Sichuan DKT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (“DKT”) became a subsidiary of Hydrexia Holding Limited (Hydrexia) through M&A in 2021. Hydrexia is a leading integrated hydrogen technology solution provider in China with global reach, and specialized in providing technology solutions for hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and end-use applications. By leveraging on its leading technologies and strong R&D capabilities, Hydrexia helps to break through the technical and application bottlenecks of the hydrogen energy industry.


DKT Energy, established in 2003, is a comprehensive service provider of customized solutions for hydrogen energy, carbon capture and industrial gas separation and purification. We have integrated capabilities in R&D, technologies, production, engineering design, construction, operation and maintenance, and specialize in the R&D and application of new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials for gas separation and purification. Some technologies have reached the international leading level.


As the Gas Separation and Purification Technology Center recognized by the Chinese Society for Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering and the Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Committee, we also have Class-A qualification and general contracting qualification for chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry (chemical engineering), Class-A qualification for engineering design of environmental pollution prevention and control in Sichuan Province, and GC1 design qualification for pressure piping. We have ranked on the list of Forbes China’s “TOP 100 Unlisted Potential Enterprises” in 2014, 2015 and 2018, and have been awarded the 2018 Chengdu New Economy 100 Key Cultivation Enterprises, the 2018 Chengdu New Economy Gradient Cultivation Enterprises (Quasi-unicorn), the 2018-2019 Enterprise of Credit in Sichuan Province, the 2021 Chengdu's Top 20 Enterprises in Environmental Engineering and Equipment Manufacturing, the 2021 Sichuan “Specialized, Refined, Differentiated and Innovative” SME, and the 2022 National Specialized, Refined, Differentiated and Innovative “Little Giant” Firm. Our self-developed large-scale complete plant for comprehensive utilization of coal mine low concentration gas has been recognized as the first domestic major technical equipment in Sichuan Province. We have successfully applied for dozens of national patents.



Sichuan DKT Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


We have a special adsorbent manufacturing plant (wholly-owned subsidiary), covering an area of 80,000 square meters, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of special adsorbents for pressure swing adsorption and temperature swing adsorption. We have our own special valve supply channel, with an annual output of 10,000 sets of program-controlled valves for PSA. We have established Shanxi Ruiyang Coalbed Methane Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Huayang New Material Technology Group Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Yangquan Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.).


We have successively undertaken hundreds of gas separation and purification plants, which include the process units of hydrogen production by steam methane reforming (SMR), hydrogen production by methanol conversion, water-gas shift, wet decarbonization, pressure swing adsorption, temperature swing adsorption, membrane separation, dry/wet desulfurization of coke oven gas, deoxidation and nitrogen generation, as well as several large-scale plants under EPC mode. We have rich experience in EPC projects and professional teams dedicated in engineering design, engineering management, commissioning, start-up and after-sales service.


We are committed to the fields of modern coal chemical industry, oil and gas, fine chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, and new energy (hydrogen energy, photovoltaic, etc.), and provide advanced technologies, products and services with core competitiveness for our customers, with the goal of solving the ever-changing technical needs and challenges for various sectors.

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Sichuan DKT Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
( A subsidiary of Hydrexia (China))

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