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Oilfield associated gas and natural gas removal of CO2 and recovery of methane technology and equipment

Oilfield associated gas and natural gas removal of CO2 and recovery of methane technology and equipment

Oilfield associated gas and natural gas removal of CO2 and recovery of methane technology and equipment


I. Overview

On the one hand, most of my country’s natural gas composition contains a certain amount of carbon dioxide; on the other hand, the oilfield associated gas produced by carbon dioxide flooding contains a large amount of carbon dioxide and methane. In the past, methane and carbon dioxide were separated because of the ability of traditional adsorbents to simultaneously adsorb methane. With carbon dioxide, the separation efficiency is not high, so other methods have to be used, but the energy consumption is high, and the use is limited due to environmental constraints.

The new type of special adsorbent developed by our company can effectively remove the carbon dioxide in the associated gas of the oilfield. The recovered methane meets the requirements of natural gas pipeline transportation, and the removed carbon dioxide concentration is greater than 98%. It can be directly used in the tertiary oil recovery of the oilfield, which reduces The cost of separation also reduces carbon dioxide emissions while purifying methane. This technology has been used in Daqing Oilfield.

China is a country poor in natural gas resources and needs to import a large amount of natural gas every year. Some abnormal natural gas containing methane that we mine is emptied or burned due to the lack of efficient and low-cost recovery technology, causing unnecessary waste of resources and environmental pollution. .

Based on the characteristics of abnormal natural gas, our company develops special adsorbents and process technologies to efficiently recover various resources.

2. Technical indicators:

CH4 yield: 98%

CH4 purity: 95%

CH4 impurity: meet the requirements of CH4 pipeline transmission

CO2 yield: 98%

CO2 purity: 98%

CO2 impurities: meet the requirements of CO2 tertiary oil recovery (or simply processed into food-grade CO2)

By-products: high-purity low-carbon hydrocarbons (only for oilfield associated gas)

3. Features of the device:

Efficient separation of CO2 and CH4, while obtaining two high-purity products.

PSA operation does not add decarburization liquid, reducing operating costs;

There is no corrosion in PSA operation, which avoids the hidden danger of corrosion of the equipment;

Fully automatic control to avoid human misoperation.

4. Applicable fields:

Associated gas from tertiary oil recovery fields, natural gas fields rich in carbon dioxide, coalbed methane, etc.

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