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Natural gas removal of components above C2

Natural gas removal of components above C2

Natural gas removal of components above C2

I. Overview
In addition to a large amount of methane (usually ≥90%), natural gas also contains hydrocarbon components above C2 such as ethane and propane, and impurities such as carbon dioxide and H2S. Our company uses pressure swing adsorption technology to remove C2 and above components in natural gas. It can remove the impurity components other than methane to below 100ppm at one time, which is convenient for the fine chemical utilization of natural gas.
Two, technical indicators
Device scale: 100-100000Nm3/h
Product pressure: 0.2~2.0MPa
Continuous running time: ≥8000h
Impurity requirements: C2 and above components are less than 100ppm
Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are less than 1ppm
Three, technical characteristics
PSA process is simple, operating pressure: 0.1-6.0MpaG, high purity of methane;
The device is fully automatic operation, stable operation, unattended and remote control can be realized;
Using special adsorbent, the yield of methane is high, and the operating cost is reduced;
Advanced indicators, environmentally friendly, no three wastes.
Fourth, the scope of application
Recovery and treatment of various types of natural gas, biogas, and landfill gas

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