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1. Recovery of propylene-containing tail gas to enrich propylene

1 Overview

In the production of polypropylene, there is a large amount of discharge gas and other gas emissions. The main components are propylene monomer and nitrogen. Since the content of propylene is not high, it also contains a large amount of nitrogen. This exhaust gas cannot be used directly. In the past, it was generally used. Gas is used as fuel. With the development of technology, membrane separation method appears, but this method still has certain shortcomings in some aspects. Through the vigorous research of our company’s technicians, we have successfully developed a special adsorbent for propylene, which has a separation coefficient of nearly 100 for propylene and nitrogen (even propane). The pressure swing adsorption using this adsorbent is used to recover and concentrate propylene. The device has the characteristics of recovery propylene purity and high yield.

2. The main parameters of the device:

Device operating pressure: 0.3-2.0MPa (G)

Propylene content in raw materials: 10-70%

Product propylene purity: ≥98% (more than 99.5% as required)

Propylene recovery rate: ≥98%

Propylene content in tail gas: ≤0.5%

Product propylene pressure: 0.02MPa (G)

Device scale: 10-5000Nm3/h

2. Introduction to the new desulfurization technology for the production of clean fuels

1 Overview

With the rapid development of the global economy, automobile consumption continues to increase, and the use of oil products is also increasing. The exhaust gas generated after the combustion of oil products is becoming more and more harmful to the environment. For this reason, various countries have established quite strict standards for oil products. Therefore, the production of "clean fuels" with low sulfur content is a general trend. Therefore, the desulfurization technology for producing clean fuels has become a research hotspot in the petroleum refining industry in recent years.

The desulfurization technology of oil refining can be roughly divided into two categories, hydrodesulfurization and non-hydrodesulfurization.

The hydrodesulfurization process is currently the most mature, but it is difficult to meet the requirements of deep desulfurization (≤15PPm), and it uses high temperature, high pressure and high activity catalysts, and requires a large amount of high purity hydrogen, and the operating cost is also high. If deep hydrodesulfurization is carried out, it is easy to saturate olefins, which will reduce product quality while consuming olefins.

In response to the new clean fuel standards, countries are actively researching and developing clean fuel production technologies, so that non-hydrodesulfurization technologies such as biological desulfurization, oxidative desulfurization and adsorption desulfurization technologies have developed rapidly.

Based on the above technical advantages, the researchers of our company have studied a new set of desulfurization process technology route, namely biological desulfurization technology, which has the following advantages: high yield of gasoline and diesel (basically no loss), and no effect on octane. Influence; mild reaction conditions, normal temperature and normal pressure; high desulfurization efficiency, large equipment processing capacity; small equipment investment, low operating costs, low consumption; the entire desulfurization process is pollution-free.

The equipment investment is low, the operation is simple, the desulfurization rate is high (including difficult-to-desulfurize thiophene and other organic sulfur); it does not consume hydrogen; does not lose the octane number of gasoline and diesel; the desulfurization cost is low, fast, clean and environmentally friendly.

2. Features of our company's biological desulfurization technology

1. In view of the high mercaptan content, smelly smell, and unqualified gum quality in oil products that have not been hydrotreated, the use of DKT-611 products only needs to add the desulfurizer to gasoline or diesel in proportion to make the desulfurizer and After the oil is fully mixed and reacted, it can be precipitated for 1 to 2 hours to remove the residue. The desulfurization liquid has a removal rate of over 99% for mercaptans, and also has a large removal capacity for colloids.

2. For the refining unit after hydrodesulfurization, biological methods are used to remove difficult-to-remove thiophene, sulfide, carbon disulfide and other sulfides. This technology has the advantages of low investment, low cost, simple operating conditions, deep desulfurization and no pollution.

3. Technical indicators of device desulfurization

1. Device processing capacity: 0.5 to 50,000 tons/h (the design scale can be made according to the user)

2. Total sulfur removal rate in crude oil: ≥99% (adjustable according to user requirements)

3. The device is pollution-free

4. No loss of octane in oil

4. Ways of Cooperation

1. Provide complete sets of desulfurization technology

2. Our company and the refinery jointly invest, according to the processing cost of one ton of oil extraction and desulfurization

3. With the equipment provided by our company, a certain desulfurization fee will be withdrawn for every ton of oil processed to reach the national standard.

5. Contact information

The above cooperation methods are welcome to come and write us for consultation.

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