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MDEA desulfurization and decarbonization technology

MDEA desulfurization and decarbonization technology

MDEA desulfurization and decarbonization technology


MDEA desulfurization and decarbonization technology is a highly selective, low energy consumption and economical technology which commonly used in the field of energy and chemical industry in recent decades. It is widely used in the efficient removal of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from natural gas, syngas, refinery gas and coal gas. In recent years, our company has organized professional and technical personnel to optimize and improve MDEA solution formula, packed tower structure and absorption-regeneration process on the basis of existing MDEA technology, which can meet the requirements of desulfurization and decarbonization under different user conditions.



Technical features and advantages

Advanced and mature technology, stable and reliable operation

MDEA formula and absorption-regeneration process can be flexibly configured according to working conditions, with optimal investment and energy consumption

High purification degree of H₂S and CO₂, can meet the needs of different users

MDEA formula solution basically has no corrosion on the equipment

Application field

Desulphurization and decarbonization of associated gas in gas Wells and oil fields

Desulphurization and decarbonization of gas and syngas

Desulfurization and decarbonization of refinery gas

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