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Wet oxidative desulfurization technology

Wet oxidative desulfurization technology

Wet oxidative desulfurization technology


Wet oxidation desulfurization is the use of alkaline solution to absorb hydrogen sulfide in the gas phase reaction to generate sulfide, and the sulfide in the liquid phase through catalyst and oxidant further oxidation to generate sulfur foam, and then sulfur foam separation refining into sulfur products. The technology has been widely used in waste gas, coke oven gas, water gas, semi-water gas, refinery gas, natural gas, acid tail gas, biogas, etc.). After more than ten years, our company has carried out significant technological innovation on the core part of the desulfurization technology, including new high-efficiency catalyst, DKT-GXR reactor, multi-functional integrated desulfurization integrated equipment (cooling, desulfurization and regeneration), and has published 8 patents for invention and utility model. The new desulphurization technology has significant advantages over the traditional wet oxidation desulphurization technology in terms of total investment, desulphurization efficiency (inorganic sulfur, organic sulfur), equipment size and plant area, and has been successfully applied in many coal chemical desulphurization projects.



Technical features and advantages

µ It is a new desulphurization process with a new generation of wet oxidation method and DKT-6 active catalyst

µ Adopt a closed cycle process of absorption desulfurization at normal temperature and pressure (or pressurization), injection self-priming air atmospheric pressure oxidation regeneration, without heating and regeneration to obtain by-product sulfur, using continuous melting sulfur, the sulfur recovery process of producing sulfur, the operating cost Low, low overall energy consumption

µ This process is equipped with a special composite DKT-6 active catalyst, which can not only remove hydrogen sulfide, but also has a good removal effect on organic sulfur and cyanide. The special composite DKT-6 active catalyst has a high working sulfur capacity and is the same type of catalyst. More than 2 times of desulfurizer

µ This technology, combined with special active desulfurizer, can also greatly reduce the generation of desulfurization side reactants, save the investment in the treatment of desulfurization side reactants, and greatly reduce its operating costs and effectively reduce production costs.

µ The design of this process, desulfurization tower, regeneration tank and other equipment is unique, and the special composite DKT-6 active catalyst is used with self-cleaning function, which can effectively prevent tower blockage.

Application field

T Removal of sulfur in waste gas, coke oven gas, water gas, semi-water gas, synthesis gas, refinery gas, natural gas, acid tail gas, biogas, etc.

T Removal of sulfur from other sulfur-containing gases

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