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Special program control valve

Special program control valve

Special program control valve


The program-controlled valve is an important part of the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and temperature swing adsorption (TSA) devices to complete the process, and it is also the key equipment for the normal operation and reliable operation of the device. The special program control valve of DKT company has reached the API zero leakage standard of American Petrochemical Association, and no leakage occurs over 1 million times. It has the function of resisting frequent scouring of air flow and automatic compensation of sealing materials.

Applicable pressure of program-controlled valve: ≤16MpaG, valve diameter: globe valve ≤DN400, triple eccentric butterfly valve ≤DN1600.

The programmable valve has the following characteristics:

1. The action life is long, and there is no leakage when the seal is opened and closed more than 1 million times.

2. The closing speed is fast, and depending on the diameter of the valve, the opening and closing time is 1-2 seconds.

3. The opening speed can be adjusted. According to the function of the program-controlled valve, different opening speeds are optional. For example, the suction inlet and outlet valves need to be opened quickly, and the pressure equalizing valve needs to be opened slowly.

4. The program-controlled valve has two-way flow, which does not affect the flow of gas in the pressure equalization process.

5. It has the performance of indicating valve position on site and transmitting signal remotely, and its operation life is equivalent to that of program-controlled valve, and meets the requirements of zone 2 explosion-proof.

6. The special wrap-type anti-scour design is adopted on the valve core structure, which greatly improves the service life of the sealing material.

7. The stuffing box adopts the self-tightening sealing structure of the radial shaft, and the valve stem adopts the electroplating nickel-chromium alloy process, which reduces the friction coefficient as soon as possible to ensure the reliable outer sealing performance.

In the large-diameter poppet valve, the structure with inner balance cylinder is adopted to reduce the volume of the actuator and make the valve shape more harmonious and beautiful.

Special program control valve

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