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National High-tech Enterprise; Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center; Class B qualification for chemical engineering design; Class A qualification for environmental pollution prevention and control; Pressure pipeline GC1 design qualification
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Sichuan DKT Energy Technology CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "DKT") has set up Sichuan Enterprise Technology Center, Chengdu Industrial Waste Gas Purification and Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center, China Petroleum and Petrochemical Gas Separation Purification Technology Center, and has a professional team with high-level innovation and research capabilities. After more than 10 years of continuous research, DKT successfully developed more than 30 kinds of new adsorbent materials, widely used in petrochemical, natural gas chemical, coal chemical, fine chemical, iron and steel, metallurgy, environmental protection, new energy and other industries, the establishment of research and development - production - design - application of the whole industry chain.

All kinds of adsorbent products independently researched and developed by DKT in response to market technical demands are in charge of pilot test and industrial scale production by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Daying DKT Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Daying DKT"). Daying DKT has three production workshops and auxiliary warehouse, boiler room, environmental treatment facilities, etc., covering an area of more than 75,000 square meters, mainly producing special adsorbent and catalyst products for gas separation and purification.

The special adsorbent products owned by DKT mainly include the following types:

1. Special adsorbent for hydrogen purification

2. Special adsorbent for helium purification

3. Special adsorbent for methane concentration

4. Special adsorbent for gas deoxidation

5. Special adsorbent for carbon monoxide

6. Special adsorbent for gas purification (temperature swing adsorption to remove impurities such as tar, benzene, naphthalene, ammonia, etc.)

7. Special adsorbent for oxygen production (lithium molecular sieve for industrial use and medical care)

8. Special adsorbent for nitrogen production

9. Special adsorbent for ethylene concentration

10. Special adsorbent for propylene concentration

11. Special adsorbent for light hydrocarbon recovery

12. Special adsorbent for pressure swing adsorption decarbonization

13. Special adsorbent for low partial pressure carbon dioxide capture

14. Special adsorbent for natural gas dehydration

15. Special adsorbent for decarbonization of natural gas/oil associated gas

16. Special adsorbent for the removal of C2+ components from natural gas

17. Special adsorbent for mercury removal of natural gas (non-renewable type)

18. Special adsorbent for mercury removal of natural gas (renewable type)

19. Special adsorbent for hydrogen chloride removal

20. Special adsorbent for polysilicon tail gas chlorosilane recovery

21. Special adsorbent for chlorine/hydrogen chloride dehydration

22. Activated carbon desulfurizer

23. Metal oxide type desulfurizer (iron-based, zinc-based, manganese-based and composite type)

24. Special adsorbent for oil and gas recovery

25. Special adsorbent for the removal of volatile organic compounds

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