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Hunan Valin Lianyuan Iron and Steel Desulfurization Unit
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Hunan Valin Lianyuan Iron and Steel Desulfurization Unit

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Coke oven gas desulfurization plant general contract


90000Nm3/h coke oven gas wet desulfurization device

Technical Index

Raw material gas volume: 90000Nm3/h;

Feed gas composition: 52% H2, 8% CO, 27% CH4, 4% N2, 2% CO2 and a small amount of O2, hydrocarbons, stupid, naphthalene, tar and other substances, hydrogen sulfide content 8000mg/Nm3

The hydrogen sulfide content of the gas after purification: ≤100mg/Nm3

Technical characteristics

1. A new desulfurization process using a new generation of wet oxidation method DKT-6 active catalyst;

2. The device adopts a concise and short process technology, a unique combination of integrated desulfurization regeneration equipment, simple operation, stable operation, flexible process composition, and a wide range of applications.

3. Adopt the closed cycle process of normal temperature and low pressure absorption desulfurization, spray self-priming air type normal pressure oxidation regeneration. The by-product sulfur is obtained without heating and regeneration, and the sulfur recovery process of continuous sulfur melting and by-product sulfur is used, with low operating costs and low comprehensive energy consumption;

4. This process is matched with a special composite DKT-600 active catalyst, which can not only remove hydrogen sulfide, but also has a good removal effect on organic sulfur and cyanide;

5. The desulfurization liquid sulfur capacity is high, which is more than twice that of similar desulfurizers. It can also effectively inhibit the occurrence of desulfurization side reactions, save the investment in the treatment of desulfurization by-products, and greatly reduce operating costs;

6. ​​The structure of this process, desulfurization tower, regeneration tank and other equipment adopts a unique design, supporting the use of a special composite DKT-6 active catalyst with self-cleaning function, which can effectively solve the problem of traditional process tower blockage and ensure that the system is relatively stable in operating pressure.

7. Cooperate with Denmark Topsoe (Topsoe, S) to produce high-concentration industrial sulfuric acid while removing sulfide.

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