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Polysilicon of Asia Silicon Industry (Qinghai) Co., Ltd.
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Polysilicon of Asia Silicon Industry (Qinghai) Co., Ltd.

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Polysilicon tail gas pressure swing adsorption purification device
Chlorine dehydration device
PSA hydrogen recovery device for silicon synthesis furnace
3000Nm3/h polysilicon tail gas pressure swing adsorption purification device
280Nm3/h chlorine dehydration device
PSA Hydrogen Recovery Unit for 600Nm3/h Silicon Synthesis Furnace
Technical index
Processing gas volume: 6000Nm3/h;
Feed gas composition: 98.52% H2, 0.88% N2, 0.1% total carbon (including methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc.), 0.5% (HCl+silane)
Working pressure: 1.2MPa
Product gas H2+N2 content: ≥99.9995%
N2 content in the product: ≤0.5%
Total carbon content in the product: ≤0.0005%
Hydrogen recovery rate: ≥95.0%
Processing gas volume: 280Nm3/h;
Feed gas composition: 99.6% Cl2, water content 400ppm, NCl2 content 40ppm
Working pressure: 0.47MPa
Cl2 content after purification: ≥99.8%
H2O content after purification: ≤10ppm
Chlorine recovery rate: ≥99.0%
NCl2 removal rate: ≥50%
Technical characteristics
Adopting the special adsorbent for chlorosilane developed by our company can effectively recover hydrogen and chlorosilane, completely remove harmful media, and well meet the demanding production process requirements of polysilicon.
Using the TSA drying process, combined with the special desiccant developed by our company, the chlorine can be dried to a moisture content of less than 2ppm, and the device is stable and reliable. At present, our company's market share of this type of device is as high as 90%, and it has a good reputation.
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