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    • Pressure swing adsorption concentration of methane gas in the gas production methods
    • Using continuous single static mixing reactor olefins method of hydrogen formylation
    • The preparation method of modified activated carbon
    • From the oil refinery dry gas recycling new technology of pressure swing adsorption (psa) of ethylene and hydrogen
    • Separation of refined from aqueous formic acid with high purity formate method
    • A method of recovery of low pressure gas pressure swing adsorption (psa)
    • Strong gas by catalytic dry gas and the preparation of propionic aldehyde and butyraldehyde industrial methods
    • Environmental management certification - the British English
    • Environmental management certification in English - energy
    • Environmental management certification - energy
    • Energy ISO9001 (English)
    • Energy ISO9001 (in Chinese)
    • Gas comprehensive purification separation method (patent)
    • Gas gas patent certificate
    • AAA customer satisfaction units
    • Transformation of scientific and technological achievements in sichuan province demonstration project
    • The enterprise technology center of chengdu
    • Construction of an innovative pilot enterprises in sichuan province
    • National high and new technology enterprise
    • Environmental pollution prevention and control of class a (original)
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