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Maoxian county pine flat groove 2013 autumn activities snaps

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Company in 2013, there is 2, 3 - organized maoxian county pine flat groove autumn activities. Loose ping groove in the qiang people inhabit the greatest concentration of maoxian county, 220 km from chengdu, the entire scenic area is on August 25, 1933, 15 when 50 fold formed by the 7.5 magnitude earthquake, remains of China's earthquake is the most complete, the most clear, the most typical regions, is extremely rare in the world scope, good natural ecological protection of scenic spots, vegetation cover, biological variety, algae in water medium, the same surface rendering blackish green, dark blue, emerald color, such as qiuyang to light color, Lin peaks reflected, color changes, is infatuated.

In two days on a tight, we appreciate the mountains, mountain lakes, primitive forest, earthquake rupture, wonderful landscape color, nature ?

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