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Helium efficient purification and crude helium recovery technology

Helium efficient purification and crude helium recovery technology

Helium efficient purification and crude helium recovery technology


DKT has been committed to the development and application of helium extraction technology for many years, providing a complete set of equipment for the first of domestic helium extraction project, operating efficiently, safely and stably so far. For natural gas, BOG gas and other helium-containing gas sources, we have independently developed a patented technology for separation and extraction of high-purity helium at nomal temperature. Compared with the traditional cryogenic separation and extraction of helium, the operation is convenient and the energy consumption is significantly reduced.


Technical features and advantages

µThe self-developed patented technology of helium extraction is adopted, and lower investment of equipment than cryogenic separation, flexible process operation, safe and stable operation, convenient start and stop

µ High yield of helium, purifying helium is low in energy consumption and operating cost

Application field

T Helium Purification of in BOG gas in natural gas and LNG production process

T Recovery of helium-containing gas sources generated in aerospace, optical fiber, semiconductor, nuclear magnetic resonance (cryogenic superconductivity), balloon helium (airship) and other industries

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