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Methane purification from landfill gas, biogas

Methane purification from landfill gas, biogas

Methane purification from landfill gas, biogas


Landfill gas, biogas and other biomass gas refers to the use of bacteria in the anaerobic digestion process decomposition of all kinds of organic matter (municipal waste, straw, agricultural waste, feces, kitchen waste, etc.) produced methane mixture, belongs to the renewable natural gas (RNG). The methane content of this kind of biomass gas is 40~70vol%, in addition, it mainly contains carbon dioxide (20~40vol%) and a small amount of nitrogen, oxygen, sulfide and trace volatile organic compounds, ammonia, siloxane and other impurities.

Compared with conventional natural gas, landfill gas, biogas and other biomass gas have lower methane content, which needs to be further purified and reused. Sichuan DKT Energy Technology company for the composition of biomass gas conditions, developed a complete set of methane purification technology, including pretreatment adsorption to remove impurities technology, dry deep desulfurization technology, CO₂/N₂/O₂ separation by pressure swing adsorption technology, the methane product gas can be directly into the gas pipe network, or further compressed into CNG, liquefied into LNG products, Used as fuel for all kinds of transport vehicles such as garbage trucks, heavy trucks, farm vehicles, cars, etc.


Technical features and advantages

µ Advanced and mature technology, simple process flow, stable and reliable operation

µ Product methane with high purity and yield

µ Low operating energy consumption and high degree of automation

µ Low operating cost and high economic efficiency

Application field

T Methane purification from landfill gas, biogas and other biomass gas

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