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Gas deoxidation and methane enrichment

Gas deoxidation and methane enrichment

Gas deoxidation and methane enrichment


Oxygenated coalbed methane (also known as gas) is the coalbed methane that is pumped and discharged under the mine in order to prevent gas explosion and outburst during the mining process, and to ensure the safe production of the coal mine. It is caused by the penetration of part of the air in the coal seam during the extraction process. When the coalbed methane is extracted, it contains a lot of air. Therefore, it is different from the coalbed methane pumped on the ground. The composition of the ground coalbed methane is basically the same as that of conventional natural gas.

The oxygen-containing coal-bed methane pumped in the coal mining process in my country is equivalent to tens of hundreds of billions of standard methane each year, which is equivalent to the amount of conventional natural gas. However, due to various conditions, except for a few mining areas, it is transported to surrounding civilians through pipelines. In addition to on-site power generation, most of them are directly discharged into the atmosphere, which not only causes a huge waste of resources, but also causes serious air pollution.

Coal-bed methane is a new energy source with high calorific value and pollution-free. Its calorific value is equivalent to that of natural gas. After combustion, it is very clean and produces almost no waste gas. It is a very valuable clean energy and chemical raw material. Due to the relatively low methane content in the gas extracted during coal mining, its composition contains 10% to 16% (or even higher) oxygen, which severely restricts the comprehensive utilization of oxygen-containing coalbed methane.

After several years of hard work, our company's "Pressure Swing Adsorption Deoxygenation and Methane Concentration Industrial Experiment from Oxygenated Coal Seam Gas" project finally achieved success. Successfully and effectively solved the safety problem of oxygen in the methane recovery process, and efficiently recovered methane. The recovered methane can be made into compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) according to the characteristics of each place. It saves energy consumption and protects the environment. At the same time, it creates certain economic benefits, which truly benefits the country and the people.

Using our company’s new results to recover methane from gas, the methane yield is not less than 95%. The applicable raw material gas has obvious economic benefits when the methane content is greater than 5%. The technology has the following characteristics:

1. Dedicated adsorption material for adsorption and separation to remove oxygen and recover methane;

2. The special adsorbent has been specially processed, has a very strong anti-explosion and anti-explosion function, and uses anti-explosion materials to ensure the safe operation of the device;

3. The conversion to deoxygenation adopts adsorption deoxidation at room temperature to avoid unsafe factors under high temperature; and the deoxidation adopts adsorption method, which does not consume methane, has high methane yield and high device yield;

4. The special new adsorbent has high separation coefficient for methane and nitrogen, and low energy consumption for methane recovery.

In order to ensure the safety of the device, the special adsorbents and explosion suppression materials used in the device have passed the certification of the relevant national departments.

The main technical parameters of the device:

Device processing capacity: various flow rates

Raw gas methane content: ≥5% (the higher the methane content, the better the benefit of the device)

Raw material gas pressure: normal pressure

Product: CNG or LNG

Overall methane yield: 95%

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