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 Academy of Sciences Chengdu 
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  Sichuan DKT Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a Sino-foreign joint venture, is a high-tech enterprise, growing up with 21 century together. For decades, DKT people work hard ceaselessly to have composed with their hot blood the magnificent chapter of explorative innovation, sincerity & pragmatic, scientific development and scaling new heights. Under the joint efforts of our DKT people, the company has always geared to the needs of the national economic and social development and the high-tech forefront in the same field. We have strengthened our staff team construction and rammed basic conditions of technical innovation and production. All our business is showing increasingly vigorous vitality.


  At present our company has become a complete new type of sic-tech enterprise with a number of high grade technical experts, very capable management personnel, proprietary R & D Center and adsorbent production plant. We have solved a lot of technical difficulties in gas separation and purification and reached the leading level in some fields.


  We are in the relentless pursuit of goodness. Our DKT people's travelling bags are full of innumerable great honors and achievements, of experiences and capabilities in the scientific innovation and of a great dream of dedicating ourselves to the service of our country by technology and to the development of our country by industry, we are with pride and enthusiasm marching on in the long journey of the industrial revolution.


  All enterprises, research institutions and all circles of people at home and abroad are warmly welcome to cooperate in depth and fruitfully with DKT Company and all excellent talents are also welcome to join our proud team. Let us together create a more splendid tomorrow of DKT with our hands and intelligence.


The chairman: LAN Zhi Huai