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  Sichuan DKT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture, established by Softbank China Venture Capital and Sichuan DKT Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 31 million RMB. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research, design and engineering construction in one, specializing in R & D and spreading applications of new technologies, new processes and new equipments for gas separation and purification.


  Now the company has been developed into a mature one with perfect ownership system, a sound management system, various specialists, key technicians, administrative personnel and production workers with different levels. We have established our own R & D center, owned a plant for adsorbent production and had a stake in a manufacturer for program control valves.


  DKT is one of the companies carrying out the most types of gas separation and purification technology in China. It holds lead in a variety of technologies at home and abroad. Now we have developed various specialized adsorbents totaling more than 20 kinds of 3 categories for gas separation and purification, among which there are 9 kinds of 2 categories reaching the international leading level in product characteristics and possessing our proprietary intellectual property rights.


  Our company has for many years devoted itself to development and innovation for varying kinds of gas separation and purification and solved many long entrenched technical difficulties. On the basis of enhancing capacities of the traditional adsorbent devices, we have successfully developed more than ten kinds of proprietary technologies, such as recovery of ethylene and ethylene raw materials with high purity from refinery catalytic dry gases; recovery of methane and high purity carbon dioxide from natural gas by one-step adsorptive separation; recovery and deoxidizing concentration of methane from low content coal mine gas; dehydration of chlorine or hydrogen chloride; carbon removal by adsorption for LNG unit; recovery of C2 and C3 compositions from natural gas; unique high efficient adsorbent for mercury and arsenics removal ; natural gas peak-range regulation technology by adsorption etc.


  The company has passed ISO1900 1:2008 Quality Management System Certification and 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification. We have possessed Qualification Class B for Chemical Engineering Design, Qualification Class A for Environment Pollution Protection and Qualification of Class GC2 for pressure Pipe Design. Up to now we have provided the customers with over one hundred sets of industrial scale units which have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and photovoltaic fields and well received by customers.


  The company attaches great importance to establishment of coporate culture and image as well as hard specializes in technology and strict management of engineering. Now we have achieved honor titles of "National High-Tech Enterprise", "Sichuan Construction Innovative Pilot Enterprise","Chengdu Technical Enterprise Center", "Sichuan Growth Small and Medium Sized Enterprise" etc. Our technology " recovery and oxidizing enrichment of methane from low concentration coal mine gas" has been awarded as "Sichuan Major Sic-Tech Achievement Demonstration Item" and "The First Prize of Sichuan Environment Protection Science and Technology in 2013". On Jan.7,2014, "The Most Potential Top 100 Unlisted Enterprises in China in 2013" is evaluated by Forbes, ranking No. 64.


  Our DKT's faith is "Pioneering Innovation, Sincerity & Pragmatic, Scientific Development".Taking the past honors and achievements, we must firmly and clearly understand our responsibility and mission, thus insisting on scientific and technical innovation, strengthening our talent team , dedicating ourselves to the service of our country by technology and to the development of our country by industry. In the face of the bright future, we are setting sail.